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Greeting, I'm Avriel, or Sam-Mod, or whichever you know me by. I'm typically on my rp accounts, so it is rare you will find me here. Things that will show up on this blog are simple. Victorian England History facts, biology and science, atheism, Stephen Fry, bibliophia, Supernatural, old movies, Rex Harrison, and anything that catches my interest at the time.
This blog has a lot of wincest/weecest/nsfw/sexual content that I am blunt about. I will attempt to tag it, but it's going to be at the point where you might not want to follow me if you disagree. :)
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Guys. :D I have a job interview!

Sure, it’s just for Blockbuster, but after a month, any money to tide me over until I can find a better place is good.

Excuse me while I also laugh hard in the corner over the fact that in an argument about me not ‘looking hard enough’ for a job, my mother INSISTED Blockbuster wasn’t hiring. :D *points*

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